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Call Center Services:

Darshan Technologies is focused on leveraging India's advantage as the world's premier location for high quality yet cost effective offshore call center services to bring a whole host of outsourcing solutions to international clients. We offer all type of Inbound, Outbound call center services including customer care, telemarketing, collections, order taking & tracking, transaction processing services such as finance/accounts processing and supply chain management and web-based services such as email management, web chat support and website receptionist service.

We are available part time, full time, or whenever you need us. If you are looking for a messaging service or a live answering service, outbound call center services or inbound call center services or seminar registration, we are here ready to assist you anytime Our custom solutions are driven by a full-time technology staff skilled in the areas of call center applications as well as call center hardware abilities. After sharing your notion of an ideal call [call centre / telemarketing services, India] center solution with our Customer Interaction Management Consultants, and with the skills of our technology staff to build a call center solution tailored specifically to your company's needs, we develop a solution to best fit your company's goals.

We undertake Inbound & Outbound Services, Inbound Tele Services & Outbound Tele Services.

Inbound Services

We take the extra step to make sure your customer feels valued. Our inbound call centers consist of highly trained and professional representatives. To multiply gain, we can up-sell and cross-sell products and services once the customer's question or issue has been resolved to satisfaction.

Inbound Teleservices include

1. Inbound Call Center
2. Customer Care Service and Support
3. Customer Service Projects
4. Full Account Management
5. Order Taking and Processing
6. Customer Data Capture/Surveys
7. Help Desk Applications
8. Customer Complaint Resolution
9. Promotional and Advertising Response

Outbound Services

We have Professionals who provide excellent service in even the most demanding situations. Our clients have yielded improved customer satisfaction, enhanced brand images, more efficient operations and longer-term relationships with their customers.

Outbound Teleservices Include

1. Outbound Call Center
2. Market Research Data Acquisition
3. Lead Generation and Qualification
4. Full Account Management
5. Sales Advancement Programs
6. Customer Data Capture/Surveys
7. Customer Relationship Programs
8. Customer Complaint Resolution
9. Telemarketing & Telesales

Customer Care

We provide professionally trained customer service representatives (CSRs) to handle Call Centre Services customer calls. The CSRs answer product-related questions, resolve billing issues, cross-sell additional products and services, improve service, focus on the client's business activities, handle daily overflow, provide faster follow-up time, cut client costs, and increase sales. These are toll free Inbound Services, Order Taking & Sales, Mail Order follow-up, Enquiry Generation & Fulfillment.

We'll answer your toll free number calls and receive your inquiries from all of your leads sources including trade shows, direct mail, advertising responses, and Web visitors. We enter data, assign tracking codes to each record, measure your lead source effectiveness, provide fulfillment and schedule follow up actions.

Order Taking and Sales

Companies that require order call processing, order program and sales services. They include

1. Order taking
2. Item-specific up-selling and cross-selling by agent
3. Presales handling FAQ and objection handling
4. Pricing computations
5. Item-specific help screens
6. Multiple "ship-to" address processing
7. Price points specified by media source codes

Direct Mail Follow Up

Increase your response rate by having us make follow-up calls on your direct mail pieces. Our experience has shown a response increase from 30% to 600% by adding our calling to a typical direct mail program. Before you do a mailing campaign let us save you wasted money and effort by updating your marketing database.

Data Entry and Enquiry Handling

We provide data entry and inquiry handling services for clients that require information to be presented to or captured by customers.

For data entry, such as clubs, credit cards, order processing and registrations, we offer:

  • Key-in data entry and maintenance of multi-segmented databases
  • Multiple quality assurance programs, including double-entry of critical fields to ensure accurate data capture.

For inquiry handling, such as literature requests, event or product registration and lead generation, we offer

  • Caller information capture
  • Marketing information capture
  • Database management of customer & product information
  • Scheduling and appointment setting

Database Services

We can capture and organize marketing data regardless of the source and format through database enhancement and updating.

Database Enhancement

Through strategic teleservices, we create, maintain, improve and maximize the effectiveness of a company's database. The programs can include data segmentation, data augmentation, reporting and analysis, on-going database maintenance, and sales and lead tracking.

Database Updating

With changes happening faster every day, your database can get out of date quickly. We'll update and enhance your existing direct mail or prospect lists by getting correct contact information, updated addresses, name spellings, titles and e-mail addresses.