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Predictive Maintenance or maintenance tracking software or CMMS or Asset maintenance software systems are now a necessary part of managing and controlling assets, plant and equipment maintenance in modern manufacturing, facilities and service industries. Often perceived to be no more than a fancy means of scheduling preventative maintenance work they are capable of much more than this. The objective of the solution is to provide a comprehensive, easy to use, universal maintenance solution which can be implemented at any level. The CMMS solution is aimed at providing a highly efficient maintenance solution, reducing down time and ensuring high productivity of the manufacturing units.

The CMMS provided by Darshan Technologies is fully integrated with all the necessary modules which take care of the complete maintenance of your assets. The modules include Preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, breakdown analysis, and work order generation, fault analysis, cost analysis and reporting.

Our CMMS solution can be used across various industries. In essence” maintenance is maintenance” whether be in manually operated sewing machines or a fork lift truck. The CMMS can be customized to an extent where it can be used as fleet maintenance software, property maintenance software, ship maintenance software and many more

CMMS Asset Register

Our asset register supports hierarchical asset trees. You can create your own specifications for each asset/machinery and can classify them by groups and categories. There is provision to add new assets to be maintained. The asset register will hold comprehensive details of each item for which you want to maintain records. Typical data to be stored would include asset number, equipment number, dept., asset name, model, serial number, drawing numbers, purchase price, location, supplier, equipment history and associated spares, etc.

CMMS Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

The maintenance scheduled for each of the machines can be viewed instantly at the click of a button. Reports can be generated to know which machines are due for maintenance. We will customize the CMMS is a way that it will suit your needs to the fullest.

CMMS Administrator

The administrator of the CMMS software can define the access privileges of each user. This makes it easy to define each person’s scope of activity and assigns the roles and responsibilities of each user.

CMMS Reports / CMMS Breakdown Analysis

Reporting is an integral part of our asset maintenance software. We provide a wide range of reports that which can be customized using filters. These reports help the management is quick decision making and maintenance cost controlling.

CMMS Work Order Generation

Work order generation and unplanned maintenance: Our CMMS has the provision to generate work orders to report a fault or a breakdown. (As opposed to preventive maintenance work orders). This ensures that all breakdowns and repairs (preventive/adhoc) are trackable on one system

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