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Our Construction software is a Comprehensive, Integrated, Modularized and User-friendly Construction ERP Software for the Real Estate and Construction industry. With software solutions for all sizes of home builders, we can help you better manage everything from land development and planning, purchasing material, new home sales, supplier and vendor communication, production scheduling, customer database management and billing. Since it is a web based software application, it can be accessed from anywhere be in the office or the site. The engineers at the site can update progress reports which can be viewed real in the office. This ensures better planning and utilization of resources.

Construction Management Software Development - Project Module

  • Construction Software Sets project parameters
  • Construction Software provides the ability to manage different construction projects like apartments, villas, row houses, commercial development etc
  • Our Construction Software maps the latest status of the project e.g.: under construction or ready for possession which enables the sales team to plan its activities in advance
  • You can define installment structure for the projects in the Construction Software
  • The Construction Software Lists down complete details of every project like area, no of flats/villas, costs structure, facilities, location, facing etc
  • In the construction software you can merge request forms received from sales module for instant feedback on status, approved/not approved

Construction Management Software Development - Sales Module

The sales module is a comprehensive module in the Construction Software which records each and every action of the sales representative. Sales persons can check the feasibility of each request posted by the customer along with the project status and explore possibilities of merger of another unit, transfer from one unit to another at the click of a button. This will serve like a CRM tool.

  • Our Construction Software allows to maintain history of customer enquiries with complete details and its subsequent follow-ups
  • Search feature to find customer details in the Construction Software
  • Search feature to find project details in the Construction Software
  • Booking details of all unit owners are maintained in the Construction Software, including parking availability and rate
  • Define base rate for a project and also, define subsequent incremental floor wise rates in the Construction Software
  • Define Transfer fee and also, cancellation charges between dates in the Construction Software
  • Define project wise brokerage charges in Construction Software
  • Construction Software allows setting up of installment structure for a project
  • You can configure other various heads in the construction software under which payments are receivable, e.g. parking, electric / water meter charges, legal charges, maintenance charges etc.

Construction Management Software Development - Materials Data base Module

  • You can create a list of all the materials in stock classified under main categories in the construction software
  • Ability to add, modify and delete materials in the construction software
  • Search feature to find existing materials in Construction Software so it can be allocated to different projects

Construction Management Software Development - Engineering Module

The construction software solution includes features that provide data to determine standard or user defined quantity of materials required for each job work.

  • Definition of main activity and sub activities.
  • Creating sub activities and assigning coefficients for material required for each activity in the Construction Software
  • Create BOQ for various units in the Construction Software
  • Ability to add and modify activities and set parameters in the Construction Software
  • Daily reports from the site engineer can be created in the Construction Software
  • The actual progress can be mapped in the construction software against the plan of the project to find out the deviations
  • Daily labour and material consumption entry data can be viewed in the Construction Software

Construction Management Software Development - Stock Module

  • Generate stock receipt voucher (SRV) and compare it with the purchase order. (search, add, modify )
  • Generate the stock issue voucher (SIV) once the SRV and the work order is issued. (search, add and modify)
  • Issue material return note (MRN) and store this in a common pool to know existing levels of stock before issuing new purchase order. (search, add and modify)
  • Issue Goods Return Note (GRN) (search, add and modify)
  • Stock transfer
  • Reports from the site engineer to evaluate progress.

Construction Management Software Development - Purchase Module

  • This software gives us complete information on purchase history, available vendors, average price and lead time of vendors and delivery schedules
  • Maintains product wise preferred vendor list
  • Preparation of purchase order based on GRN
  • Tracking transfer of stock from company to site and vice versa
  • Updating of stock after receipt from vendor
  • Price comparisons of quotation received and choosing best quotation
  • Ability to view available stock in the common pool so that only the required about it ordered for
  • Ability to assign stock to different projects

Construction Management Software Development - Billing module

  • Provision to record Contractor quotes and select the best quote among them
  • Work order generation
  • Job cost reporting in real time
  • Generation of payment slips to labor contractors
  • Ability to view history of payments made to keep track payments issued

Construction Management Software Development - Reports

  • Project report
  • Sale vs. availability of units report
  • Enquiry handled between different dates
  • Client feedback/follow-up report
  • Booked units/cancelled units report
  • Performance report of each salesperson
  • BOQ (Bill of Quantities) Report
  • Drawings per project report
  • Site activity progress report
  • Work order report
  • Materials report
  • Stores inventory report
  • Vendor list report
  • Quotations
  • Store receipt note
  • Purchase order
  • Payments made/due
  • Indent report
  • Job costing report

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