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We offer a Complete Solution which requires no hardware to install and no software to install. The application has all the features required to manage your customers, from the initial lead generation to the final closing of the sale.

Sales Force Automation

CRM allows the Sales team to track leads, manage and assign leads and maintains the complete history of the customer from lead stage to a contact. These tools make the sales team more efficient with higher sales and better planning.

Inventory Management

The sales team can automate the sale process by creating quotes, sales orders, invoices on the CRM application.

Bulk Emails / Mass Emails

The marketing team can send out regular emails to customers with recent news and updates, new product information or as a marketing campaign using the CRM Application

Project Management

The project management module allows to track and monitor all tasks milestones and their budget. It allows creating and managing of projects, employees in projects and usage rate reports

Trouble Tickets

This module allows to use the CRM as a helpdesk system and allows to relate trouble tickets to customers and products

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