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Darshan Technologies provides Customized Applications for the Real Estate Industry. Using a real estate software you can evaluate the investment potential of commercial, residential and mixed-use income properties. You can forecast Revenues, Expenses, Financing, Pass-Throughs, Cash Flows, Resale, Rates of Return, Tax Liabilities, Partnership Considerations and a lot more.

Booking Engine - Software Module

This Engine allows Real estate companies to provide their buyers with a means to book properties online. A booking engine enables property buyers to search and view details of properties book the property online. A Booking Engine includes an integrated secure payment gateway that facilitates and ensures safety of online transactions.

Classifieds and Online Advertising - Software Module

A real estate classified software provides an easy means for sellers, agents and buyers to post and reply to classified ads. Images can be attached with each real estate posting. This gives online classifieds an upperhand over any other means of posting real estate classifieds. With Online classifieds property sellers, brokers etc are able to reach out to a larger customer base. All postings and replies to the advertisements are stored in a database thereby making it easier to track and respond to replies.

Property Database - Software Module

The Online Property Database makes it easier for real estate agents and companies to create and maintain extensive information about properties and real estates. A Content Management System can be integrated with the solution enabling real estate companies to publish details of properties. Images and maps can be uploaded and attached to the property details.

Search Property and Real Estate - Software Module

Extensive Search Features can be built into the real estate software enabling property seekers to search and browse through details stored in the property database. Buyers can search on the basis of various parameters such as area, price range, description etc.

Virtual Tours of the Property - Software Module

We can provide a Virtual tour of the property where buyers can view and get a feel of the property. This enables buyers to visualize the property from the convenience of their homes resulting in better decisions.

Currency Converters - Software Module

A currency converter tool can be used to view the property rates in the multiple currencies which would automatically vary with the variation in exchange rates

Calendar - Software Module

Property seekers can check availability status before booking vacation properties. Property agents, brokers and buyers can use this calendar tool to set and view their daily/weekly and monthly schedule for property viewings and bookings.

Property Valuation - Software Module

Property owners can access the current value of their property before offering it on sale.

Interest Rate Calculator - Software Module

Enables property buyers to calculate the (EMI) installment values and the interest amount that needs to be paid on purchase of the property.

Reports - Software Module

Statistical and trend analysis reports such as demographics of property buyers, areas or regions preferred by buyers etc enable agents, brokers, buyers and real estate companies to study and analyze the customer behavior and trends thereby enabling them to target and offer better services to the customers.

Extensive reporting modules can be developed and integrated with the solutions enabling real estate companies to generate comprehensive reports for analytical purposes.

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