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Darshan Technologies provides customized Retail Management Software for Retail Stores in various verticals. Below are few of the major modules of a Retail Software which are customizable as per your business needs.

User Interface - Retail Software Development

Menus can be modified to include only the options you use, and each screen within the application can be set up to fit your particular business model.

Scalability - Retail Software Development

Darshan Technologies develops Retail Stores applications which can be scaled smoothly from a single store to a chain of stores to accomodate your rapid growth.

Navigation - Retail Software Development

Simple, consistent format that applies throughout. Screens, documents, reports and menus can be tailored to fit your preference.

Customization - Retail Software Development

Retail Management Application can be customized to add unique functionality that may be vital to a particular retail business.

Point of sale - Retail Software Development

Computerized point of sale effectively reduces theft and human error, while increasing efficiency and speed.

Checkout - Retail Software Development

Retail software application safeguards and accelerates the checkout process, and utilizes bar code scanning. Key information is automatically captured with each sale.

Discount Tracking - Retail Software Development

Discount tracking capabilities help you to control your profit margins and identify excessive or unnecessary discounts. Alternative pricing levels can be activated for employee purchases, preferred customers or when placing a sale.

Transactions - Retail Software Development

Several types of transactions, including special orders, layaways, gift registry and sales order entry for mail order and catalog sales can be supported. An E-Commerce Integration tool allows the merging of store-based and online activity into one cohesive operation.

Customer Relations - Retail Software Development

A Customer Relations module improves customer relations by helping employees know and service customers well incorporating each transaction into a customer history file, creating a complete purchase history for that customer. You can improve customer relations through targeted promotional mailings giving customers the personal attention that builds customer loyalty.

Inventory Management - Retail Software Development

The Retail Software Inventory Management module allows you to maintain your inventory and place orders and manage orders easily.

Management Reports - Retail Software Development

Retail Stores Management Reports providing statistical data to Senior Management helps in better planning and organizing with reduced risks and expenses.

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