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Darshan Technologies offers Software Development Services for various verticals such as:

Jewellery Software Development
Manufacturing Industry Software Development
Electronics Industry Software Development
Internet Advertising Industry Software Development
Media and Entertainment Software Development
Automotive Industry Software Development
Insurance Industry Software Development
Real Estate Software Development
Retail Management Software Development
Software Development for Educational Institutions
Hospital Management System Software Development
Hotel Software Development
Resort Management Software Development
Software Development for Oil and Gas Industry

At Darshan Technologies we believe that the key to success in software development is in the thorough understanding of the Business Requirements. We emphasize that substantial time and effort is spent on Requirements Gathering and Requirements Analysis. Depending on our client's existing process in place, the size of the project and project deadline, we adopt the most suitable software development process such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP), the Agile methodology or the conventional Waterfall methodology.

During the entire project development lifecycle, the project goes through several phases of development and testing. Each of these phases have a set of entrance and exit criteria. After completion of each phase, the client approves it's deliverables and verifies the exit criteria. In order to proceed to the next stage, we ensure that the entrance criteria for that stage is fulfilled.

Software Re-write:

Over the years, the customer's software application may not be able to support the load and deliver the same quality and efficiency. It may have also become obsolete. In such situations the software needs to be replaced with a higher capacity and a more recent application or must be rewritten. The system is examined and altered to reconstitute it in a new form. The software is Reverse-engineered in the initial examination of the system. It is then re-engineered in the subsequent modifications to add new functionality or to correct errors.

Re-engineering process may involve code restructuring, data migration, technology migration, platform transition, language conversion and migration to web.

Software Maintenance:

The need for software maintenance may arise with the clients existing software applications or products that require modification to correct faults, to improve performance or other attributes, or to adapt the product to a modified environment. A common perception of maintenance is that it is merely fixing bugs. However, more than 80% of the maintenance effort is used for non-corrective actions. This perception is perpetuated by users submitting problem reports that in reality are functionality enhancements to the system. The key software maintenance issues are managerial and technical involving alignment with client priorities, staffing, estimating costs, impact analysis, testing and maintainability measurement. Depending on the nature of the software and it's usage, the maintenance effort is corrective, adaptive, perfection or preventive.

Darshan Technologies takes the responsibility of nurturing your existing and mature products. Darshan Technologies helps you to reduce the cost of ownership and maximize ROI.

Software maintenance involves off and on-site maintenance, Bug fixing and trouble shooting, Bug tracking and reporting, Fine-tuning and improvement to product functionality, research, design and implementation of new features.

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