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Web Development

Darshan technologies excels in the field of Web Design and Web Development providing the best web development solutions. We have been developing websites that do real business and we offer our services at an affordable cost.

Through our web development strategy we develop a website that creates a positive first impression. Our websites will clearly articulate what your company is about and will help your prospect find what they are looking for on your site. Our layouts will help him navigate through the site very easily and will compel him to take an action on your offer.

Our web development process includes the following steps:

Web Development - Requirement Gathering Stage

Our marketing executives initiate contact with the clients to get a better idea of their web development requirements. They collect the raw data or materials from the original ideas by consultation and these requirements are evaluated for their validity and possibility of incorporating the ideas in the initial phase of web development.

Web Development - Systems Analysis

The requirement specifications from first phase are studied carefully and a list involving the details of the proposed items are prepared in an organized manner and then technically documented.

Web Development - Planning and designing

In this phase of web development the overall website structure and its lay out are defined to plan different milestones of web development and it is here that the logical system of the product is developed.

Web Development - Implementation

On receiving the design documents the coding phase starts. Small modules are developed first and then they are integrated and implemented to meet their specifications.

Web Development - Testing and Quality Assurance

After the coding phase of web development, testing begins. Different testing methodologies are used in order to detect the bugs. The bugs are fixed and the final website is tested to make sure that it meets the client’s requirements.

We offer you different website development options to choose from so it suits your business needs and your budget.

Static Web Development:

Static website is a simple way to get your message out to the public. Static website are cheaper and also it need less maintenance. Our Search engine friendly coding will help you get more viewership to your website. All our static websites are custom made and are designed to suit your taste and business needs. After all a website is a reflection of what your company stands for and represents you in the global market.

We follow a very systematic procedure in our web development process. Firstly, we study what exactly our client needs. After which a detailed analysis of the project line is made which is given to the client for their approval. If the concept is approved, the next step comprises of the issues that deals with web layouts, web templates, web graphics, user friendliness, targeting the audience and the access speed. Several templates are created and modifications are made as per the client's needs. We involve the client in every step of design to ensure that he gets exactly want we wants. Once the website is developed we test it on our servers to check the functionality. Only then is the website made live.

Dynamic Web Development:

In the present scenario most business websites have web pages with dynamic web content so as to facilitate interaction with the user. In Dynamic Web Development all information is stored in a database and is retrieved as per the selection criteria for each page. Such websites are developed on platforms like ASP, PHP and .NET. In a dynamic websites the administrator has control and can add and manage the content on the site without any programming knowledge. Most ecommerce websites are dynamic in nature.